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Arborist for Demolition in Surrey

Arborist for demo

Every municipality has rules. When it comes to trees every municipality seems to have its own unique set of rules.

Part of the job of a consulting arborist is understanding the tree bylaws and making sure that clients are staying on the right side of the law.

In Surrey as in other Lower Mainland municipalities this means protecting trees during construction. But before the foundation is dug, before the footings are formed, before the new house is built...

The old one is knocked down.

Surrey demands that trees are protected during demolition.

All trees.

Tree Barriers or Arborist Supervision

There are two options for demolition permits for properties that have trees in Surrey.

  1. Tree barriers to protect every tree or

  2. Arborist supervision of demolition

hard surface demo

When hard surfaces are close to trees than arborist supervision is the only option. If you want a demolition permit in Surrey.

demo house, keep trees

When trees are close to the building then arborist supervison is the only option. If you want a demoltion permit in Surrey.

arborist supervision

When old building foundations are inside the critical root zones of trees than hiring an arborist to supervise the demolition is the only option... in Surrey.

Surrey demo

Every city has its own set of rules. Especially when it comes to trees.

Happy demolishing!

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