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2015 Year in Review

2015 is gone. It's all just a memory now.

It seems like the year is over just as it was getting good.

Woodridge Tree Consulting Arborists Ltd had a great year of operations thank to our ever increasing base of clients.

Here are some of our highlights and accomplishments of 2015

200 projects last year

I'll admit it's not exactly the "Golden Arches" of MacDonalds here but Woodridge Tree Complete 200 projects over the course of the year 2015.

Here's how it breaks down for work done by municipality:

Surrey-- 43%



White Rock--9%

Coquitlam-- 4%

North Vancouver-- 3%

Port Coquitlam-- 2%

Burnaby-- 2%

Maple Ridge-- 1%

Woodridge Tree is getting out there and we are getting it done. About 1/2 of our clients this year are return customers from past projects. It's great to see that those who use us once tend to use us again. The aim over the coming year is to provide an ever better level of service and excellence.

Developed a New Logo and Brand in 2015

In addition to working in the business I also managed to do some work on the business in the 2015.

We are BBB Accredited

I developed a new logo and got it stuck to my truck. Aside from that I made some other improvements as well:

Woodridge Tree's improved its business model by applying some lessons I learned from John Cameron of Rock Solid Business Coach.

The company became a member of the Better Business Bureau and in the process demonstrating that the Woodridge Tree backs what it says and does.

Maintained ties with M.McConkey Arborist Services Ltd

Of course there are aspects of the tree services industry that as a consultant Woodridge Tree does not provide.

M. McConkey Arborist Services

My friends at M. McConkey Arborist Services Ltd. have the team, the equipment and more than enough experience to get the tree works like pruning and removals along with top notch service and delivery.

As for stumpgrinding we can help you get that taken care of too. We rely on our friend Dave Krajnc at Woodpecker Stump Grindng. Give him a call at 604 219 8143

Woodridge Tree Has Big Things Planned for 2016

With the success of 2015 confidence in the business has grown. It's at the point now where its time to expand. Plans ahead include hiring and training of more arborists, making a move into a fancy new office and expanding on the range of services provided.

It feels like the sky is the limit because of all the great connections I've made in the past couple of years.

Look for more from us in the coming months.

Get in touch and we'll help you out on your next project.


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